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SKU: 1347PZ
The ornate old cash register in many of these interiors makes the message clear: the modern world has yet to intrude on these small businesses. Thankfully, even today, most bakeries, candy stores, and antique shops are privately owned. 1,000 pieces.
SKU: 1174PZ
If you love doing puzzles, you probably love board games. This new puzzle is a collection of familiar and unfamiliar game pieces. It will remind you of all the board games you and your family have ever played. 1,000 pieces.
SKU: 1157PZ
This Great Books puzzle should be required reading for old, young, and those in-between -- the "collected work" of artist Charlie Girard. Can you find your favorite best seller book covers in the puzzle? 300 pieces.
SKU: 885PZ
Nostalgia fans and collectors will enjoy this fun jigsaw puzzle. The Gum Wrappers collage jigsaw includes current gum brands and some from long ago. When was the last time you got a pack of gum for a penny? 1,000 pieces.
SKU: 1337PZ
It’s a fine day in the English countryside and this group of campers are taking full advantage. Tenting, fishing, kite-flying, hiking, reading, swimming and cooking over open fires are just some of the fun things taking place.
SKU: 1485PZ
This iconic brand is undergoing a revival. How many of us grew up hoping to find one of these wonderful treats in our lunch boxes? Sno Balls, HoHos, Fruit Pies, Cup Cakes, Ding Dongs or Twinkies! Indulge your sweet tooth & enjoy this sweet treat.1,000 pcs
SKU: 1166PZ
How many objects that you had as a kid can you find in this delightful new puzzle? This one is all about the thrill of recognition and remembrance. 1,000 pieces.
SKU: 1279PZ
Nothing says America like football, apple pie, Betty Boop & Budweiser. And, of course, the Statue of Liberty, the bald eagle, a buffalo nickel & Lincoln penny, Mt. Rushmore, & the Liberty Bell are just a few of the many iconic images assembled. 1,000 pcs.
SKU: 1440PZ
Pull up a chair & start your day with a hearty breakfast in your own kitchen. Or, better still, have someone else cook it for you at Big Boy, Denny’s, Mickey D’s, Tim Horton’s, Dunkin’ Donuts or wherever they flip your eggs the best. 1,000 pieces.
SKU: 1455PZ
The Sunshine State appeals to lots of people, including many of our snowbird neighbors who escape our New England weather for a few months in the sun. This collage depicts many of their favorite attractions & symbols. 1,000 pieces.
SKU: 1221PZ
The word Michigan is the French form of the Ojibwa word meaning "large water", so it's fitting that Michigan is known as "The Great Lakes State" among other titles. Its attractions abound on this colorful collage of advertisements. 1,000 pieces.
SKU: 1303PZ
This is the same collage as #1280PZ Remember When, but in a 300 piece puzzle for those who prefer the larger size pieces. Some of the most interesting and nostalgic twentieth century history is encapsulated with something for everyone.