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SKU: ab5l
Keep hors d’oeuvres chilled and fresh for hours over a bed of ice. This amazing revolving tray keeps appetizers chilled so they stay fresh and tasty through the party. Simply fill the deep bottom tray with cubed or crushed ice and position the 3 double co
SKU: cb3
Salads, Fruit, seafood, Appetizers stay chilled and tasty over a bed of ice. Comes with a divider with built in dip / condiment cup. * Simply fill the bottom compartment with ice and position vented grate over ice. The coldness will flow through to
SKU: ic6
DIPS, SAUCE, CONDIMENTS AND SNACKS STAY CHILLED AND TASTY ON ICE High quality stainless steel upper dip bowl 22 oz. nests inside stylish lower acrylic ice bowl. Place cubed or crushed ice with water into lower bowl and position upper dip bowl so it rests
SKU: ab4
This eight-piece set features a big 6 ½ quart serving bowl with vented ice chamber below, four removable side server bowls and two salad servers. Keep ice below the serving bowl to keep your salads chilled or fill with hot tap water to keep hot foods warm
SKU: ab3d
A salad can be an easy, healthful meal choice, and Prodyne’s Salad On Ice with Dome Lid makes it even better. The elegant crystal-clear bowl keeps salads and fruits fresh, crisp and chilled with its clever vented ice chamber. (Just fill the stand with cub