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Summer & Beach

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SKU: 30534H
Put up the umbrella, set up the chairs and enjoy a day at the beach with 3 of your friends right in your very own loving room. 550 pieces.
SKU: 40591H
Heritage's Costal Collection of puzzles is perfect for getting that beach vibe no matter where you live or what time of year it is. This puzzle features a beautiful landscape of sand and sea that is both relaxing and fun to assemble. 1000 pieces.
SKU: 40582
Heritage Puzzle's #1 selling beach puzzle! This 1000 piece puzzle will give you many hours of fun as you put together the coastal sunrise.
SKU: 40580H
M-22 is one of the most beautiful drives in America. This 116-mile stretch of road winds through the scenic countryside of Manistee, Benzie and Leelanau Counties of Michigan. A whimsical tribute to this beautiful drive. 550 pieces.
SKU: 40581
This 550 piece beach puzzle points us in the right direction for a day of fun….to the beach! From the photography of Peter Doran.
SKU: 1448PZ
Charlie Girard has assembled this colorful collage of stickers and logos for enticing beach communities. Who wouldn’t welcome a trip to the Outer Banks, Sanibel, Hilton Head, Nantucket, Malibu or any of the others? 1,000 pieces.
SKU: 1580PZ
After a long day at the beach, the family meanders down a pathway toward home, arriving just in time to enjoy the sunset from the ocean side of the house. 1,000 pieces.
SKU: 1396PZ
What a great childhood memory - watching a Black Cats baseball game through knotholes & cracks in the ballpark fence. 2 kids have the equivalent of skybox seats, perched on the limb of a tree showing their loyalty to the hometown team. 550 pieces.
SKU: 1495PZ
These days everyone is inside watching movies on Netflix & Amazon, but after World War II drive-in movies were a popular summer pastime. The speakers were crackly & the windows fogged up, but it was great to be outside under the stars. 1,000 pieces.
SKU: 1337PZ
It’s a fine day in the English countryside and this group of campers are taking full advantage. Tenting, fishing, kite-flying, hiking, reading, swimming and cooking over open fires are just some of the fun things taking place.
SKU: 1406PZ
Remember those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer and the musical sound of the ice cream truck arriving in the neighborhood? Kids in flip-flops line up for the treat, while a golden retriever rides shotgun in the truck hoping for his own treat. 1,000 pieces
SKU: 1196PZW
Here's the companion piece to our wildly popular Christmas House puzzle. The same charming Tudor-style home is viewed during a fine English summer. Roses and hollyhocks bloom and birds flock around this bucolic scene. 1,000 pieces.