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Winter & Christmas

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SKU: 1426PZ
A nostalgic array of books you might remember from your childhood. Twelve Days of Christmas, Christmas Customs, Night Before Christmas, Frosty the Snowman and others are framed with even more titles including Dickens’ Christmas Carol. 1,000 pieces.
SKU: 1177PZ
You'll want to move right into this welcoming house, painted in meticulous detail by English artist Steve Crisp. Santa & reindeer have landed safely on the snowy roof and the jolly man makes his way to one of three chimneys. 1,000 pieces.
SKU: 1545PZ
Train sets and gingerbread houses have caught the sparkling eyes of children at the local shopping center. Later they’ll be able to choose their favorite candies from endless displays - and they might even be served by Santa himself. 1,000 pieces.
SKU: 1299PZ
This limited edition puzzle features a nostalgic look at Christmas traditions of the 1950s. Scenes include caroling, baking cookies, driving out to the country to get a tree, visiting Santa at the store, and Christmas morning opening gifts. 1,000 pieces.
SKU: 1409PZ
Jolly Saint Nick is back, wandering through the house in the middle of the night with only the cat for company! The tree twinkles and stockings are hung on the blazing fireplace as toys and gifts are sorted, awaiting the excited children. 550 pieces.
SKU: 1169PZ
Deck the doors with boughs of holly, evergreens, pine cones, an assortment of fruit, colorful ribbons and stockings. Then festoon the wreaths and garlands with lots and lots of lights and we're good to go for the holiday festivities.1,000 pieces.
SKU: 1515PZ
Here is a wonderful puzzle from designer Lois B. Sutton, sure to brig holiday cheer to your home. This is a colorful collection of postage stamps we’ve used to communicate with loved ones over the years. 550 pieces.
SKU: 1326PZ
They're not just to decorate our doors at Christmas! Alison Lee has assembled this group of fabulous wreaths displaying ornaments, spools of thread, greenery, berries, ribbons, flowers, pine cones, light bulbs, and a whole lot of creativity! 550 pieces.
SKU: 1415PZ
We still have some of these old bridges scattered throughout our White Mountains of New Hampshire, usually referred to as “irons”. In this nostalgic winter scene, a young boy restrains his pooch from chasing the oncoming locomotive train. 1,000 pieces
SKU: 1487PZ
Poor St. Nick is totally exhausted from his yearly journey – and, after all that, he’s expected to come home and play with his large family of puppies and kittens! Fortunately most of them have fallen asleep as well. 1,000 pieces.
SKU: 1441PZ
Celebrate the holidays with this amazing puzzle. It’s packed with iconic images of everything, as well as religious symbols including the Nativity, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah. Start on Thanksgiving and finish New Years Day! 1,000 pieces.
SKU: 1118PZ
Baubles & bangles, sequins & sparkles, tinsel & toys along with Santas, reindeer, elves, holly, gingerbread people, angels & poinsettias decorate this jumble of knits & purls just in time for your Ugly Sweater Christmas Party. 1,000 pieces.