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SKU: 10029
This mix is a special blend of onions and herbs coming together to give a hearty onion flavor. We believe it will become your new favorite chip dip, better than any of the ones you buy at the store. It tastes great with potato chips, pretzels or vegetable
SKU: 10034
Spice up your sandwiches with this fiery bacon mix. Horseradish combines with a blend of spices to give you a bacon dip with a "BITE!" This awesome dip tastes great with potato chips, pretzels, vegetables or it can be made into a condiment for lunch meats
SKU: 10078C
A much-loved classic is now available as a creamy new dip! Introducing Strawberries & Cream Dip Mix! Its the taste that will take you back to the good old days when Grandma would whip you up a delicious bowl of ripe red strawberries glazed with sweetened