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SKU: 97031
This rolling pin did not come from your grandma's kitchen! Helen's Asian Kitchen brings a touch of class to baking with her bamboo 18 French style rolling pin.
SKU: 3286N
Make light, crispy cookies and delicious desserts. Rosette moulds produce fried cookies for dusting with icing sugar.
SKU: 3248N
The Norpro Pastry Crimper is a quick and easy way to seal pies, turnovers, ravioli, tarts, and more. Just grip the sturdy wooden handle and roll the slotted wheel around the edges of the dough. You'll have great looking, securely sealed pastries and pasta
SKU: 5534NO
Product Features

* Stainless Steel * 2" diameter, 5" length

Roll out dough for a pie with ease while using this rolling pin from RSVP. It comes with a matching marble slab stand to keep this rolling pin on display and from rolling around on the counter. Polished finish is designed to keep dough cool while working.
SKU: 00515
Talisman Designs' one-piece pie shield prevents pie crust from burning. It's perfect for homemade and frozen pies. This unique pie shield is the first of its kind. Simply adjust the size by sliding the lock into the notch as needed.
SKU: 202016
Totally Bamboo's 20.5-inch Tapered Rolling Pin is light but super strong. Perfectly balanced for that delicate touch this French rolling pin is tapered at the edges and doesn't have handles. This makes the pin perfect for use in French style pastry making