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SKU: 5500D


  • Stainless steel
  • Mesh spoon with spring closure seals in the leaves while brewing
  • Long spoon allows for easy removal from brewed tea
SKU: 56523
Fresh from the Price & Kensington Brights range, this classic-style 6 cup teapot is unrivaled when it comes to serving a round of red hot drinks amongst friends. The Brights Red 6 cup teapot comes with a removable filter that allows you to use loose
SKU: 2827
Price varies based on options.
Reminiscent of the traditional “Brown Betty”, Price & Kensington teapots are stout and sturdy. Their design allows tea leaves to swirl capaciously in the pot as hot water is added. The result is a heady, full-bodied tea. 2 cup teapot: $14.00 6 cup teap