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SKU: 6101
Easy to use bottle opener for beer, soda or any bottle with a cap Only Corkcicle, MMP, and Amazon direct are authorized sellers of this item. Any of seller may be counterfeit and will not have a warranty from Corkcicle. Made of durable stainless steel;
SKU: 046560
An original and patented decanting pourer, oxygenates the wine. An hourglass-like narrow neck inside the pourer, called a venturi pipe increases the speed of wine flow, creating a vacuum that draws in air through the small vent hole. A special stainless s
SKU: 08542606
Reusable vacuum wine storage set ideal for all wine lovers- Keeps open wine fresh for two weeks- Correct usage puts an end to the oxidation process- Includes 1 sturdy plastic pump and 1 high-quality rubber stoppers- Hand washable;