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SKU: 10604
Say "Hello" to how you'll clean tubs, showers, sinks, vanities, faucets, tile, mirrors and windows for the rest of your life. The advanced fiber technology of these extraordinary cloths penetrates and removes dirt, soap scum, water marks, grease and bacte
SKU: 10602
True Chemical-Free Cleaning in every room of the house. Use for all general cleaning. Also, due to their electrostatic properties, used dry, they are also an effective dusting cloth. Safe for use on all types of hard surfaces such as stainless steel, enam
SKU: 10603E
Superior cleaning of all glass (except electronics screens). Using just water the Glass and Polishing Cloth removes light grease, grime, finger marks and bacteria from all glass surfaces and adds a final polishing touch to most hard surfaces. Used dry o
SKU: 10601
Clean all types of countertops (tile, stone, granite and laminates) and kitchen surfaces with the E-Cloth Kitchen Pack. This pack includes one 12.5"x12.5" General Purpose Cloth that is for thick grease and dirt and a 20"x16" Glass & Polishing Cloth that i
SKU: 10618
The Range and Stovetop cloth cleans ceramic, glass and enamel cooktops and stoves quickly and easily. The Range and Stovetop Cloth has specially designed scrubbing stripes to assist with the removal of cooked on, stuck on messes.
SKU: 10614
Shower scum has met its match. The Shower Cloth’s fibers easily attract moisture while lifting and trapping dirt, grease, soap, scum, grime, mildew, and bacteria. The hook provides convenient storage so cloth is available for daily use. The Glass & Pol
SKU: 10615W
Forget rolls and rolls of paper towels and window cleaner. There's no need for either. E-cloth's superlative fiber construction penetrates and removes dirt, grease, oil, grime and bacteria using just plain water. You get lint-free, streak-free, sparkling
SKU: 4362
The SKOY cloth (one 4-pack Mixed colors with flower print, packed in a post consumer recycled band) is a fabulous, absorbent, biodegradable and natural multi-use cloth. 4 SKOY cloths in a variety pack of colors (orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple,
Nothing Picks up Dust Like Lamb's Wool Lamb's wool contains natural lanolin and generates static electricity to produce a "dust magnet". Extendable duster is specifically made to clean hard-to-reach ceiling fans.
The chamois sponge quickly absorbs moisture, dust and residue left behind from dusting or washing. Excellent for deep cleaning and wiping away water spots and streaks from stainless steel sinks, mirrors, showers, and windows.